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Sony Music Studios

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of touring possibly the most amazing recording studio in the world.
How did I get here??

Rewind to last month: Just out of curiosity.. I logged in to my United Airlines account to see how many miles I had, and to my surprise they expired at the end of the year! (if you had continental one pass miles – they are now united points… and they have a very short lifespan)

Without thinking too much about it, I booked a flight to Tokyo.

Sony Studios was definitely on the top of my list for things to see while I’m out here.
When I called them, I couldn’t communicate well enough to make an appointment. So I google mapped the studio, hopped on the Oedo line and found the studio.

Turned down.. Could’nt make it past the front desk.

Luckily my room-mate at the hostel is Japanese. And she was kind enough to call the studio and make an appointment for me. Thank you Nobue.

I met with a very welcoming team of people- Yumi Hanada (studio manager), Hiroya Takayama (recording engineer), and Noriko Fukushima (mastering engineer). They gave me the grand tour, the facility was incredible. I really felt like home.

Enough backstory.. Here are the pictures.














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First post in 4 months

heres a recap of the last 4 months (well, only the stuff i have pictures of)

most current on the top


recorded the houston childrens chorus in rice’s stude hall20111221-110219.jpg




20111221-110254.jpgaustin smith gettin cray with the cymbal

finally racked my stuff20111221-110351.jpg

analog madness20111221-110414.jpg

enjoyed the view while my power was out20111221-110511.jpg

tracked some drums for the wild moccasins, with john griffin producing20111221-110556.jpg

20111221-110646.jpgmy audio 4 class was pretty awesome.. everybody turned in sweet mixes

worked with josh applebee on a couple of cool projects20111221-110712.jpg

20111221-110755.jpgpops cooked a killer turkey, and the stuffing is still the undisputed champ

20111221-110828.jpgcool finds in the sugarhill attic

20111221-110938.jpgtried to relax

row zero played a gig, our first show in about a year20111221-111025.jpg


20111221-111140.jpgi got a maschine, and its really really good

20111221-111233.jpgbenjamin wesley and i finished up his album (2 years in the making)

20111221-111352.jpgi studied spanish

20111221-111535.jpgcelebrated a 70th birthday for the studio

20111221-111603.jpgwe partied in the front yard -family style- there was also a food truck out there

the studios cleaned up nice too20111221-111750.jpg


mini texas tour with ben20111221-112046.jpg

20111221-112117.jpg        the voice crew

steve christensen’s setup for the ray wylie hubbard sesh20111221-112145.jpg

20111221-112243.jpgthe usual suspects


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things ive been working on in the last few weeks in no particular order

umbrella man, benjamin wesley, c’vo, runaway sun, macadams, leah white, austin smith, reddy redd, nbc’s the voice, ray wylie hubbard (a george rieff / steve christensen haunge)

i started school this week at u of h (learning). and i start teaching audio 4 next week at houston community college. got a sweet eq and compressor this month from igor (my crazy israeli connect— the dudes a genius), my rent’s cheaper this year, cool projects are on the calendar for next month (co-pilot, van wilks), life is good

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More Round Top

I’m about to finish up week 3 over in Round Top– thought I might post some pictures..
I’ve tried to explain this place to many people, and I really can’t. I guess it’s one of those things you need to see first hand.

check out a video they uploaded

The concert hall, from the outside


…and the inside


The chapel




Recording booth


….my bed…

(hey, it all cant be bells and whistles)

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Texas Folk Life Accordion Kings and Queens Competition

This weekend, I judged the Texas Folk Life Accordion Kings and Queens Competition for the third year. ( I really have a great time being there and watching the gunslingers of the accordion community. This year all of the finalists were very young, ranging from 12 – 16 years old. What a tough call – it was a toss up Ignacio Moreles (14), and Isiah Tellez (12) – Ignacio won, but there were some Judges that voted for Isiah to win.

(Ignacio Moreles)

(Isiah Tellez)

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Umbrella Man

I had a really awesome session earlier this week with The Umbrella Man. We got 10 songs tracked in two days.
Umbrella Man has a really sweet instrumentation, upright bass, pedal steel, accordion, and drums. On two of the songs, Glover Gill was called in to play piano (google Glover if you don’t know who he is)- what a pro, he was in and out of the studio in 35 minutes, and we had multiple takes on two songs.



(L-R Bart Maloney, Nick Gaitan, Glover Gill, Robert Rodriguez, me)

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